WWE 2K15 Cover Revealed!


During the 30/06/2014 edition of Raw, well in the first segment WWE revealed the cover of the next 2K game, and well this year the man on the cover is John Cena.

I am not a big fan of John Cena but I have to say that I actually like this cover a lot.

A big thing that I realized is that they are not using the normal WWE ‘scratch’ logo but this time they are using the WWE Network logo. To me it seems like this means they will eventually switch the logo completely to the Network logo.

Another thing is that they showed the Playstation 4 version of the game, which is a but surprising as they always promoted the Xbox version, does this mean WWE has a sort of deal with Sony?

There is no gameplay of the game as of the making of this post, but once there is a gameplay trailer I will be writing another post straight away!

Anyways guys tell me what you think of this cover, and what year was your favourite cover? My favourite cover was probably the WWE’13 cover with CM Punk. But this is up there, I mean I like this a lot.

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