WWE 2K15: Special Edition, Carrer Mode & Screenshot


Every day I always check for the latest WWE 2K15 info, so when I saw heaps of Info i flipped out. We learned 3 Big updates to the game today, and August is the big month for all the WWE 2k15 reveals.

Special Edition:

We learned what the special edition will be! This year’s special edition is called the Hulkamania edition that will only be available on PS4 & Xbox One


2014-08-05 21_27_45-BuNrkxGCcAAhW8C.jpg_large (1024×611)

This years special Edition Includes a copy of WWE 2K15 with a special hulk Hogan cover.

An exclusive photo of Hulk Hogan hand signed!

A pop vinyl Hulk Hogan

A piece of ring canvas from the Raw which he returned!

Two playable versins of Hulk Hogan: New World Order Hulk Hogan & Current 2014Hulk.

Two playable versions of Sting: Surfer Sting & The Crow Sting.

This all costs $199 USD and approx $120 USD

Career Mode:

WE learned what this years career mode will be. Last years career mode was the 30 years of Wrestle mania and I really enjoyed it. But this year is called Showcase. And what does it showcase? It is Showcasing the WWE’s best rivalries! So far we know of two Rivalries that will be included and that is The Rock Vs Stone Cold & Undertaker Vs Kane.

But we also learned a new single player game mode! And that is MY CAREER! Finally! WWE is getting the game mode we all want. They described it as the My Career from the NBA games except adapted to fit the WWE Universe. If you are not familiar with My Career it is where you will Create A Superstar then Start from the bottom maybe the indies or NXT then you have to work your way up to the top to be the champion. I’m not sure how this will completely work as in NBA you try out to Join the NBA then you get drafted, but you cant really get drafted to WWE. But the sad information about My Career is that it is only available on PS4 & Xbox One.


The final piece of information we got today is a screenshot! Finally!

2014-08-05 07_57_30-BuM1vYRCUAAee_J.jpg_large (1024×576)

2k Games got the company that got the graphics in NBA 2K14 to work on WWE 2K15. As a result this year is the first year a WWE game uses Motion Capture and it goes all out, as we are getting 50 days worth of Motion Capture with 5 times more animations! But this is all only On PS4 and Xbox One.

What do you guys think of the previous games commentary! I know exactly what you are thinking it’s terrible! That’s why 2K completely changed commentary as well giving us over 30 hours of commentary! And if that’s not good enough then this will be as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler finally recorded there lines together!


Be tuned in to the day before Sumerslam, August 16th as that is the day we will get our fall Roster Reveal and probably our first gameplay!

2014-08-05 20_54_14-BtGnPGgCQAA4xc-.png_large (1024×489)

So what do you guys think about WWE 2k15 so far! I really hoped that this year is where they do the massive leap and make the game so much better and I’m so happy as it seems that this is where they make that leap!


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