WWE 2K15: My Career Information


There have been Hands on Previews with My Career of WWE 2K15, here’s what we learned:

There are random events that happen depending weather or not your are Hell or Face. If you are Face an example is Brock Lesnar randomly coming out and F5’ing you starting a Fued. Similar to what he did to John Cena at the Raw after Mania 28. When Brock Lesnar entered Paul Heyman was behind Brock shouting about how good Brock is.

Another example is after one of your matches Daniel Bryan comes out and you have the face option to shake his hand or the heel option to low blow him.

In between matches you can change the look of your superstar, train with other superstars to learn new moves etc.

Then they versed Bo Dallas in a practice match were Bill DeMott is shouting things at you and also setting you objectives for the match. At the end of the match you get a 4 star rating, and the higher the rank the more in game currency you will earn.

With the Virtual Currency you can buy things like customization for your superstar, training with other superstars to learn there moves, taunts etc, skills and abilities, or a mange. (you can also use a Diva as your manager).

To get a higher rating at the end of the match its not if you dominate it’s if the match is very close with a lot of near pitfalls etc.

There is a new submissions system but it’s not that different. It’s just a re skinned Breaking Point system.

Skip to a while in the Career Mode, Vicki Guerrero comes out on SmackDown and informs you that Daniel Bryan has been undefeated for 6 months and she thinks you are the one to beat him at the next pay per view.

People who played it could tell a major difference if your stats are bad verse if your stats are really good.

Leading up to the match with Daniel Bryan different things happen each week, he might come up after your match, or there is even a Contract Signing.

Finally after the match with Bryan he tweeted praising the match which helped increase your twitter followers.

Some weeks you have choices ti what matches you want to compete in. One option was to face Chris Jericho in a match on SmackDown that does not air on T.V but you gain a lot more currency from it. Or face Brock Lesnar in the main event, that does not give you much Currency but gives you a lot of exposure.

WWE 2K15 launched on PS4 and Xbox One on November 20th and October 30th on PS3 and Xbox 360, but My Career mode is only available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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