About Ivans Quantic

Hey, my name is Ivan. I live in Melbourne, Australia and my username is Ivan’s Quantic. Now I have no idea what that means but I took it from Quantic Dream. (Developer of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls) I have had about 5 usernames before but they were all “kiddy” with random numbers in them and stuff, so I wanted to settle on something simple like Ivan’s Quantic

I don’t really remember my first gaming memory there are a few, but I don’t remember my first. I just settle that my first game I played was Sonic on a SEGA console. I am not sure which one but i remember it was red and i think we had like 4 games on it. Then I remember always going into my brothers room when he played GTA: San Andreas. I loved the game and played the shit out of that. This spawned me to get a PS1 (Well it was my birthday present) and I remember going to someones house and picking up the PS1 from there with like 50 games. Then the next console I got was a PSP and i had that for so long and like every kid with a PSP i played that basically till it could not be played any more. But the first console I actually bought was a PS3, then i pre ordered a PS Vita and i pre ordered a PS4. As you can obviously tell I am quite a Sony fan boy, and this all started because my brother had a PS2. So I have had all the of the Sony consoles. I had the PS1, we had 2 PS2′s. one at my mu’ms house and one at my dad’s house (yes, my parents are divorced) I have a PSP 2000 or 3000 (I’m not sure which one it is) a PSP GO a PS Vita and a PS4. I also have a gaming PC which I bought just because I really wanted to play Diablo 3, but I obviously use that to play more then Diablo.

Now that I have told you my whole back story which took a while I can get to the present!

My favorite ‘series’ is the Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed series. I don’t have a favourite Uncharted game, like everyone I absolutely love Uncharted 2 and 3 the same and cannot decide. I love the story of Uncharted 2 but I love the location and set-pieces of Uncharted 3. Now my favorite Assassin’s Creed games are Revelations, II and IV. I know most people don’t like Revelations, but I had the best memories playing that.

Another thing I love is comic’s I love comics. My favorite superheroes are: Nightwing, Red Hood, The Guardians Of The Galaxy and Aquaman. Yes Aquaman. Seriously if you told me that Aquaman was gay I could give you a whole bunch of reasons that would convince you to switch sides, and that would take like an hour. Seriously Aquaman is no joke. And yes as you can see i prefer DC or Marvel #DealWIthIt And yer i like the Marvel movies but the style of the comics just don’t appeal to me. But I have a whole bunch that I do like, but DC will always be the best to me. Since I live in Australia it’s really hard to get into comics, because they are way more expensive plus the only comic shops are in the city. So I randomly heard about ComiXology. Its an app on your phone were you can buy digital comics. And when I heard about this I flipped, because the prices were normal. In America your standard comics cost 2.00, well in Australia those comics cost 6.00! So this helped me so much and now I have so many comics every where I go thanks to ComiXology. (This sounds like an AD for ComiXology but its not and i’m serious they helped me so much)

Now my dream job is to be a journalist and not a regular journalist but a video game journalist. There is a difference. For example I don’t want to be like ‘OMG did you see the stock market rise by 3%!!’ I want to be like ‘OMG they finally showed off a trailer for Half Life 3!!’ Now IGN really made me want to become a video game journalist as I watched them daily, and I saw them just chillin doing whatever a journalist does and I thought to my self ‘I want to do exactly what they do! that is my biggest dream.’ And this road may not be easy but I swear this is what I want to do in life and there is no stopping me now!

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-Ivan’s Quantic


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