WWE 2K15 NXT Mode Confirmed

Since 2K has not revealed much information about WWE 2K15, every piece of news is major, but this actually is major!

WE all know by now that My Career mode is essentialy NBA’s My Career mode but in WWE and that it is exclusive for PS4 and Xbox One. So to make sure Last Gen users do not feel left out, there is now an exclusive mode for them, called Who Got NXT.

The Who Got NXT mode is essentially Showcase/ 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode/ Attitude Era mode, but this time with NXT as you get to play as some of the top matches of NXT.

In turn there are 5 different Superstars to play with, whom all have 4 matches each. These 5 superstars are: Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Rusev, Corey Graves & Bo Dallas. Before you complete a superstars mode, you cannot use that superstar at all. Each superstar has a different main goal objective. Sami Zayn’s is too prove that he is a talented performer, Adrian Neville’s is to win the NXT Championship, Resuv’s is to crush his opponents, Corey Grave’s is to define who he is and Bo Dallas’ is too hold onto the NXT Championship at any cost.


The only way to go on to the next match is too complete the main objective. Throughout the matches there will be 3 objectives, where two will be optional and the third one is compulsory. It is something easy like win by pinfall etc. Then the other objectives are like take the turnbuckle pad off with Bo Dallas, or complete the through ring post DDT with Sami Zayn etc.

The best part of completeing these optional objectives are the unlocks, these unlocks are: The NXT Arena, The NXT Arrival Arena, NXT Championship, NXT Tag Team Championship and NXT Women’s Championship.


There is no specific order in which Superstar you play as first, so you could do all of Rusev’s matches then Zayn’s etc. But you must complete all the 4 matches in order. At this time the only confirmed match is Neville V Dallas (2) for the NXT Championship and Zayn V Cesaro.

There will be no video package before the match setting up the match, but there will be specific commentary detailing why the match is taking place etc.


Then when you are finished with all those there is Proving Guard which is essentially it is the next Defeat The Streak mode, where instead of trying to Defeat Undertaker’s Streak, You try to defeat the face of the company John Cena as an NXT Superstar to become a bigger part of the WWE.

Just like in Defeat the Streak John Cena is controlled by A.I and a million times harder to defeat than a normal A.I opponent. Before the match starts John Cena cuts a promo saying that he is the Face of WWE blah blah blah then he challenges someone to face him, where you come out.

You have 5 superstars to pick to verse Cena: Adrian Neville, Rusev, Corey Graves, Sami Zayn or Bo Dallas. BUT once you beat John Cena with all 5 Superstars you will be able to play the mode with anyone on the roster.

The match is a 1v1, 30 Minute Timed match. (It will be a lot harder now that you can get DQ’d) and there will be specific commentary for this mode, and just like in Defeat The Streak mode you get a score at the end of your match and if you beat Cena you can upload the score online, and if you make Cena tap out you get a lot more points.


If you have a look at this screenshot you can see that for Last Gen there is the old referee that has been in the last couple of games, while Current Gen has a new Black Haired referee.

If that was not enough for you. Then Be glad as there has been a Current Gen gameplay trailer featuring: Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Randy Orton and Batista. The gameplay also confirmed Batista bomb to Reverse RKO which they performed at Wrestlemania XXX.

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